2020 UniAcco Fly High Scholarships for Indian Students

UniAcco Fly High is a scholarship programme is established by the company to recognise and reward Indian students who are either studying in the UK or will commence their course in 2020 to enable committed and passionate students achieve their goals by lightening the financial burden that comes with studying abroad. UniAcco Fly High Scholarship helps break down any barriers that prevent exceptional students from attending leading colleges.

  • Degree level: Master, Bachelor, PhD
  • Deadline: 15 September 2020


Indian student currently pursuing an undergraduate/postgraduate course in the UK or beginning one in the year 2020 are eligible to apply for this scholarship.


UniAcco Fly High Scholarship offers 8 awards worth £6500. The student is free to use the scholarship amount as per their discretion.

Apart from these 8 awards, we will also be awarding a limited number of goodies, electronics, rent vouchers on a case by case basis to students who have submitted strong applications but missed meeting the cut by a whisker.


The student needs to register on our website in order to be able to apply. After the registration, the student will receive the application form in an email.


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