Migrate to Canada Via Express Entry

Migrate to Canada via express entry is an online system that the Canadian government use to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers. It is an application process for skilled immigrants who want to settle in Canada permanently and take part in its economy.



Application process and eligibility, including work experience, education, and language skills for each program. To understand each express entry program, click here

National Occupational Classification

Before the submission of profile and application for residence, the prospective applicant must know his/her National Occupational Classification (NOC). National Occupational Classification (NOC). The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is Canada’s national system for describing occupations. You can search the NOC to find where an occupation is classified or to learn about its main duties, educational requirements, or other useful information here.

Documents for express Entry

Before applying for Canadian government express entry, certain documents are needed. Some of these documents are language test results, education assessments, job offers, police certificates, medical exams, proof of funds. To know the documents you need to apply for express entry, click here.


Profile submission

For you to be invited to apply for express entry, it is required that you submit your profile. This gives the agency involved the opportunity to access your qualifications and skillsets.  Create your profile, while you wait in the pool for invitations to apply.  Before submitting your profile, click here to check your score. To understand the scores and the ranking system, click here. To submit your Express Entry profile, click here.

Application for permanent residence

If you are invited after you have submitted your profile, you are required to fill out the form, upload documents, pay fees and submit your application. To apply for permanent residence, click here.

Interviews inside and outside Canada.

If your application to express entry is approved, you are required to attend the interview inside and outside Canada, crossing the border and settling in Canada. To know how to book interview and other requirements, click here.

Visit Canadim Webpage or Move2Canada Webpage for more information


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