2020 Boot Camp Training for ”Cloud Application Developer’’ Track of IBM Skills Academy Program

IBM Skills Academy program is inviting University Students and Teachers to register for Virtual Student Boot Camp Training session of ”Cloud Application Developer” track. IBM Skills Academy program is a technical training and certification program for University Students and Teachers focused on careers that are in high demand in the digital transformation era. The program covers leading-edge technologies such as Cloud, Analytics, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, & IoT. The program is based on blending learning with both self-paced and Instructor-led sessions. Students have access to an “Educational Portal” where they can find course content (Multimedia and Classroom/Lectures based), Assessment Quizzes, and Certification Tests.


 A “Hands-On Lab Engine” provides students will have access to Virtual Machines or to an IBM Cloud environment where they can find the hands-on lab exercises, SW tools that are required for the specific track. All curricula include the opportunity for the students to gain an IBM Digital Badge after successfully passing an IBM Proctored Exam. Certified Students can be connected to the IBM Ecosystem (IBM, Customers & Business Partner’s) for hiring purposes. B. Link to BOX Folder that consists of Session notes, Program Flyer, Course Flyer, Course Abstract, Faculty Enablement Agenda & Pre-requisites.

Details of the virtual session are provided below:


First week: Monday 10 August – Thursday 13 August;

Second week: Monday 17 August- Thursday 20 August; and

Third week: Monday 24 August- Thursday 27 August.

Time & Duration:

Time: GMT: 2 PM- 5 PM

Duration: 3 hours per Day

GMT +1 (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Cameroon): 15:00 PM- 18:00 PM

For more information and application, Visit IBM Webpage here

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