2020 Shell Internship Opportunities in Germany

Shell is a global energy company that employs more than 85,000 employees in 70 countries. The company is part of the Shell group is Royal Dutch Shell plc, with headquarters in the Hague, the Netherlands. Shell is involved in exploration and production of oil and gas as well as the manufacturing and marketing of oil products, petrochemicals, and natural gas. Shell’s presence in Germany stretches back over a hundred years. Around 3,600 members of staff ensure that each day over a million motorists can fill up at Shell service stations in Germany, airlines are supplied with aviation fuel, shipping companies with marine lubricants, and industrial customers with petrochemicals or natural gas. The internships are fully assessed and will allow you to get involved in real projects specifically matched to your interests and abilities. intent will receive regular and structured performance evaluations from your mentor and direct supervisor, and you will find out what the energy industry is really like, from the inside.


Employment details:

  • Assessed Internship Opportunities 2020 Germany
  • Reference ID129474BR_EN
  • Experience level: Interns
  • Country: Germany

Shell Internship Programme

A Shell internship gives you the opportunity to:

  • Build valuable networks for future career options,
  • Discover potential job areas, fields of specialization or area of future study,
  • Gain exposure to the energy industry,
  • Work on projects that have a real business impact, and
  • Put into practice the theories and concepts you have learned.
    How to apply:

The applicants are expected to complete their applications online.

For further information, Visit the application webpage


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