2021 Shell Sabbatical and Postgraduate Research Internship Programme

Suitably qualified candidates are invited to apply for 2021 cycle of Shell Sabbatical and Postgraduate Research Internship Programme.

Sabbatical attachment for University lecturers

The sabbatical attachment gives University lecturers from the rank of Senior Lecturer and above the opportunity to undertake research or other activities that would contribute to the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd. (SPDC) and acquire industry-related experience and lectureship at the SPDC JV Centres of Excellence (CoE).

Sabbatical attachment details

  • Duration: 12 Months (Non-renewable)
  • Application Deadline:  22nd September 2020

Teams / Disciplines

  • Environment: Impact Assessment and Biodiversity, Environmental Toxicology, Air Quality Assessment, Hydrobiology, Water Chemistry, Hydrogeology, Ecology, etc.
  • External Relations: Social Performance – Social Impact Assessment; and GMoU Implementation
  • Community Health: Consultant Community Health; Obstetrics & Gynaecology; and Paediatrics.
  • Oil Spill Response: Mechanized Bioremediation.
  • UniBen CoE: Geology and Petroleum Engineering.
  • Nigerian Content Development: Process and Project Engineering.

Postgraduate research Internship for University students

The postgraduate research Internship provides opportunities for Nigerian Postgraduate students (MSc., M.Phil. and Ph.D.) to gain industry-related work experience and carry out topical research within the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd. (SPDC).

Postgraduate Research Internship Details

  • Duration: 6-12 Months (Non-renewable)
  • Application Deadline:  22nd September 2020

Teams / Disciplines:

  • Environment: Impact Assessment and Environmental Compliance Monitoring
  • Occupational Health: Health Promotion; and Epidemiology/ Statistics.
  • Oil Spill Response: Eco friendly Bioremediation (Non-intrusive, In-situ).

How to Apply

Applicants should have a valid email and phone number. Interested candidates are to complete the application online. The following are required for the application:

  • Applicants are expected to submit the following in the online form:
  • A summary of how the candidate intends to add value to the SCiN business during the 12 months sabbatical (400 words maximum)
  • Personal and educational details.
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Maximum of three (3) referees
  • Application letter stating team/discipline of interest.
  • Research Proposal including: Study background, technical objectives, /methodology/data required, and expected outcome (1300 words maximum).


Application is free and only possible online through the link above. No application by email would be accepted.

Applicants for Sabbatical position must have relevant teaching and practical experience in indicated disciplines.

Applicants for Research Internship must be Nigerian student currently enrolled in a Post graduate degree programme.

Multiple applications will attract disqualification penalty.

Only Shortlisted candidates would be contacted.

No upload of document is required, relevant documents would be requested from shortlisted candidates.


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