Opinion Post: Criminality and SARS Establishment as Outcomes of Wrong Financial Policies in Nigeria

It is an honour to die fighting and a disgrace to die begging. For too long, numerous Nigerian youths have died begging. And they may prefer to die in action if we continue to ignore police killings. This is because the police allowed the anger in the youths due to police brutality to build-up for too long. And Nigerian security officers may be at serious risk if we continue to allow the anger to build-up further. If every Nigerian youth become hardened, armed, and ready to kill every security officer, it will be dangerous for our dear country. Police leadership should just end Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and carry out comprehensive police reform to calm the nerve of the youths.

At this digital age, Nigerian does not need SARS and another special squad to fight crimes. All Nigerian need is a comprehensive cashless policy and crime will reduce significantly as technology is the best approach to crime control. For example, the implementation of BVN reduced the problem of ghost workers in civil services and TSA reduced waste of resources in MDAs etc. In my opinion, I believe that comprehensive cashless policy will reduce kidnapping, terrorism, embezzlement, and other crimes as these crimes are encouraged by our financial policies which permit the huge amount of cash withdrawal, deposit, and payments. Our current policies support criminalities as follows:

1. A kidnapper can receive ransom that runs in millions or even billions in cash and the kidnapped can also withdraw the same amount. If no Nigerian can withdraw or deposit money more than a few thousands of naira, kidnapping will reduce because it will become unsafe as the kidnappers can only receive reasonable amount of ransom by bank transfer, making it easy for the government to track the criminals.

2. Terrorists operate because the sponsors can give them billions in cash and remain undetected. With a comprehensive cashless policy, sponsoring terrorism will likely reduce because financial activities of the sponsors will be traceable.

3. Nigerian Politicians embezzle our resources because they can move a huge amount of cash and remain undetected etc. With a comprehensive cashless policy, corruption will likely reduce because their financial activities will be traceable.

4. Our VIPs move around with a large number of security officers because of fear of kidnapping, terrorism etc. With comprehensive cashless policy and the resultant reduction in kidnapping and terrorism, the VIPs will need a smaller number of securities making more security available for Nigerians.


We have SARS and other special squads because our financial policies support crimes. And it is my conviction that our political leader allows those policies to drive because they benefit from the crime. A financial policy where an individual, ministry, government officials or companies can withdraw or pay in billions of naira (millions of British pound) encourages crimes. As we protest to force the federal government to end SARS, I also urge the protesters to force the federal government to implement more comprehensive cashless policies. When you leave your house unsecured, every person will learn how to steal in your house. If your house is well secured, the only hardened criminal will attempt to steal in your house.


# Implement more comprehensive cashless policy NOW


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