Civilian SARS Campaign and the Future Military SARS Campaign in Nigeria

Over few years, many Nigerian youths have died in the hand of police officers, especially SARS and the civilian authorities acted like nothing was happening.  And this police brutality has led to about 9 days of civilian youth protest. The protest has been very peaceful, but some bad police officers have attempted to disrupt the protests by lethal force. Amnesty International has reported that about 10 persons have died since the protest started but the number maybe higher.

In the military, the same issue of extra-judicial killing, dismissal and torture also occur. Many military youths have been extra-judicially killed, dismissed, and tortured and the military leadership could not hold the superior that carried out such evil act to account. Even the military leadership has also partaken in some abuses as can be seen in the case of captain Martins and others. And these have caused anger in the rank and file of military.

Just like the anger in the civilian youths exploded last week, it will not be too long before the anger in the military youths explodes. Unlike civilian youths, military youths are courageous, harden and armed and any revolt by the rank and files in the military in addition to the protests by the civilian youths will spell doom to Nigeria existence.




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